Socio-Economical Impact on MSME's since Covid-19 outbreak

The aim of the study is to identify the challenges that micro, small, and medium enterprises are facing throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and to what extent those challenges affect their socio-economic status, specifically their employment status, income, debt, and living conditions.

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Main Takeaways

Women owned businesses are still facing greater impacts, yet are showing willingness to act in response

Whilst still disproportionately impacted, women that own businesses are showing better signs of recovery

  • Women were less likely to report a decrease in their monthly profit (59% compared to 71% of men that own businesses) and saw a greater reduction in the overall percentage who reported a decrease (35% compared to 21% of men owned businesses).

  • Women were less likely to report a decrease in demand (56% compared to 66% of men) and saw a greater reduction in the overall percentage who reported a decrease (-35% compared to -27% of men).

However, the support needed by women is still very important

  • 27% needed financial support to survive/expand their business in October 2020 (compared to 19% of men owned businesses and 20% overall)

Business owners in Siem Reap are continuing to suffer the impacts of COVID-19 through a lack of tourism

MSME's in Siem Reap experienced increasing issues with inputs

  • The number who referred to rising prices of inputs increase by 51% in October 2020 compared to July 2020

  • The number of businesses reporting  difficulty in accessing inputs increased by 13% in October 2020 compared to July 2020

  • MSME's referring to the late arrival of inputs increased by 9% in October 2020 compared to July 2020

As a result, MSME's in Siem Reap were increasingly likely to take measures to respond

  • Businesses were more likely to order less and 23% temporarily stopped ordering altogether in October 2020

  • The number deferring their loan payments increased by 31% in October 2020 compared to Julyu 2020

  • 43% were selling assets to cover business expenses in October 2020

  • 14% laid off permanent workers in October 2020

  • 16% asked workers to take unpaid leave in October 2020

Businesses in Siem Reap had greater difficulties in accessing support

  • 56% said it was more difficult to access loans in October 2020 compared to July 2020

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