The Voice of Informal Workers

The aim of the study is to identify the challenges that informal workers are facing throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and to what extent have those challenges affected their socio-economic status, specifically their employment status, income, debt, and living conditions.

Socio-Economical Impact of COVID-19 on Informal Workers

1- Weekly Average Income Before/After COVID-19

All key sectors have suffered with the COVID-19 outbreak with an average decrease of 47% in the revenue for all sectors.

● Vehicle drivers also saw a large reduction in their average income as a result of the outbreak of COVID-19, likely owing to people spending more time indoors, travelling less, and fewer tourists.


● Despite the minimal reduction of working days/hours, the street vendors and groceries sellers saw the greatest reduction in their average income.

2- Ability to meet daily needs

Since the covid-19 outbreak, do you have the ability to meet your daily needs with your current income?

More than the majority of every single key sector is not able to meet their daily needs with their earnings.

  • 68% of all key sectors are not able to meet their daily needs with their income.

3- Evolution of spending in expenditures

Since the covid-19 outbreak, have you decreased your expenditure’s spendings? If yes, in which area have you decreased the most?

4- Meal Skipping for Informal workers

Since the covid-19 outbreak, have you been skipping one or multiple meals in your daily life?

5- Debts Status

Since the covid-19 outbreak, has your business had more or less debt? What action has been taken towards your company’s debt?

6- Assets

What impact on your assets has the covid-19 outbreak had on your assets?

Support received and needed

Since the covid-19 outbreak, have you received any financial support? And for which need was support needed the most?

Prospect in life

Methodology & Profile

What is your opinion on the evolution of the situation?


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